Frequently Asked Questions

What does a string quartet consist of ?

A string quartet requires four musicians and the standard formation of a classical string quartet consists of ; two violins, viola & cello.

String Quartet or String Trio ?

It is up to you ! The sound is equally beautiful, but a string quartet generally offers a bigger variety in repertoire. On the other hand, a string trio is usually cheaper, as it requires only three musicians.

Do you have any performance requirements ?

We will need enough space to perform comfortably, as well as four upright chairs. The chairs must not have any armrests.

Can you play outside ?

Of course we can! Provided that our instruments are not exposed to direct sunshine, excessive heat or rain.

Do you need breaks during your performance ?

Usually we take a ten to fifteen minute break for each hour played, but naturally that won't happen during for example, a wedding service.

When do you arrive at the venue?

As a rule, we arrive at the venue thirty minutes prior to the start of the engagement. This allow us ample time to set up and tune our instruments.

Can we request you to play specific pieces of music?

Yes ! If the piece(s) you want us to perform, is not yet in our repertoire, we can arrange it for you. Provided that you supply us with the sheet music (voice or piano part) in reasonable time. We usually charge for this service.

My wedding ceremony and the reception are in two different locations. How do you charge for that?

We charge for the length of the engagement, including the time to travel between the venues.

What is your dress code?

We normally wear smart black clothing, unless requested otherwise. Feel free to discuss your requirements in this regard with us.

How far in advance should we book you?

We advise you to do it as early as possible, since the majority of the wedding dates book up rather quickly. In order to secure a date , we will need a 50% deposit. The balance is payable one week prior to the actual performance.