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The Rendezvous String Quartet is a dynamic and versatile ensemble for two violins, viola and cello and comprises the cream of Gauteng's string players. They have been in existence for more than a decade and although they are based in Johannesburg, they have performed all over South Africa.

Their repertoire is vast!  It includes anything from Vivaldi to Viennese Waltzes. They play classics, Broadway tunes, tangos, gypsy music, Russian, Jewish, Italian and African songs with equal ease and their technical craftsmanship make for a performance that is as pleasing to watch as it is on the ear.

In addition, most of the music they play is arranged specifically for The Rendezvous String Quartet by the founder of the group, Mitko Tasev.










The Top 10 Classic Instrumental Wedding Melodies


The greatest composers of all time have all lend a hand in shaping up how wedding ceremonies are heard today. The classic melodies composed by the likes of Sebastian Bach are now a staple in wedding ceremonies all over the world. Chances are that if you’re attending a wedding or having one, you’ll use some of these classics in the ceremony. Not because it has become tradition doing so, but because these compositions are genuinely beautiful and adds that important pinch of sophistication and style to a celebration. Here are the top 10 best classical musical melodies in wedding of all time.


10. “Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin” by Richard Wagner


A well known piece of music for weddings, this composition from Richard Wagner is the most popular wedding melody used up to this day. Every time you hear this, you instantly think wedding which tells you how significant this composition is to the occasion.


9. “Wedding March” by Felix Mendelssohn


.As stated by the title of the music, Felix Mendelssohn’s classic is another medley that instantly corresponds with the image of a wedding. Although not as widely used today because of being too much of an obvious choice that does not change the fact that it’s the most traditional wedding song used for over a century now.


8. “Trumpet Tune and Air” by Henry Purcell


If you want an air of regality to your wedding ceremony, you can never go wrong with this suite by Henry Purcell. You’ll feel like one of the royal family coming up the altar with this playing in the background. Again, it is not that widely used anymore but it is one of the definitive wedding marches in its era.


7. “Guitar Concerto in D Major” by Antonio Vivaldi


Equal parts soothing and sophisticated, Antonio Vivaldi definitely knows how to blend in ceremonial with a simple touch. This suite will be perfect against a backdrop of a garden wedding and coincides with a peaceful picturesque countryside feel.

6. “Promenade” by Modest Mussorgsky

Also known as “Pictures at an Exhibition, this beautiful composition was not a much well known wedding music but it captures the important facet of the ceremony with its upbeat celebratory tone and added with the chic style of classical music, it is a perfect segue to the procession of the wedding right to the point of the introduction to the bride.

5. “Spring” by Antonio Vivaldi


Antonio Vivaldi has crafted a classic tune that can fit into any type of celebration. His “Four Seasons” suite is definitely one of the most well-known classics of all time. Just hearing the first few seconds of the music will instantly be familiar even to the common listener. For wedding celebrations, “spring” has become an iconic music not just for wedding ceremonies but for all types of ceremony.

4. “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini” by Sergei Rachmaninoff


A playful piece of music written by Sergei Rachmaninoff, it may not seem like a traditional wedding song but it has been used quite a lot. It is upbeat and positive but might be missing in the romantic portion of the suite.


3. “Claire de Lune” by Claude Debussy


A very serene piece of classical music, “Claire de Lune” will be a perfect song for the first dance. It is a pleasant-sounding composition that will make a newlywed couple’s dance turn into something much more special. The atmosphere can definitely benefit from a quality wedding music such as this.


2. “Sheep May Safely Graze” by Johann Sebastian Bach


As the title of the song suggest, this awe inspiring music by Johann Sebastian Bach can completely turn the atmosphere into a tranquil and relaxed state. You’ll feel as if you’re in the meadows while listening to this absolutely uncanny musical composition from one of the greats.


1. “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel


To me personally, this is one of the most beautiful compositions I’ve ever heard in my life. Capturing both the beauty and grace of the wedding and the bride, it echoes with a nostalgic feeling that few can claim to achieve. I have heard this countless times in wedding ceremonies and it still hasn’t failed to elicit a smile on my face. Making it the most iconic and preeminent wedding music of all time.


The Best Wedding Melodies Made Famous in Film



In today’s day and age, wedding music has become one of the most important aspects in the ceremony. Choosing the right song that perfectly evokes the mood you want and also picking songs that have that special sentimental value to the bride and groom makes the music doubly important. So it’s to no surprise that a lot of couples tend to use songs composed specifically for films. It may be that the film somewhat mirrors their lives, maybe it’s their favorite film or this could be the movie they both watched on their first date. Whatever the reason, film scores are unique in its own right due to the fact that it’s written to be exactly sentimental and romantic. It is to no surprise then that this makes a film soundtrack an expected popular selection when choosing wedding music.


7. Cruisin’ from Duets


A beautiful and relaxing song, “Cruisin’” was performed in the film by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis. Perfect song to be played in the reception, it is a soothing medley that is best listened to when taking a little breather in the party. Everything about the song is relaxing; from the vocals to the instruments it is a perfect and romantic melody in any wedding reception.


6. You Belong to Me from Mona Lisa Smile


Very few singers today can capture that “Golden Age” flair voice like Tori Amos. This song from the film Mona Lisa smile is a great way of having that classy 50’s and 60’s atmosphere mixed in with this generation’s style. A very romantic song to say the least, it is perfect for a bride and groom’s first dance. Instilling a sense of magic, it could very much be an ace in the hole in any bands arsenal of songs at a wedding ceremony.


5. Against All Odds from Wicker Park


A revival of a classic song, “Against all Odds” performed here by The Postal Service has added a much needed jumpstart to the song in terms of enhancing the sense of passion. Revivals of classic songs are usually iffy and rarely work, but this one is an exception and dare I say that I would recommend this version to be played in wedding more than the original. The band took the song and made it into their own much like how a newlywed takes that special moment in their wedding day and turns it into theirs.


4. So Close from Enchanted


Most brides want their wedding to be like a fairy tale, and this song is from one. Makes sense to include it in a wedding’s music playlist doesn’t it? Magical and romantic, a very potent love combination, it can easily turn a simple to dance into an enchanted affair. Very few can match up to this song in terms of being an ideal choice for any wedding; it is romantic in a warm and sentimental way that is a great addition to enhance a wedding’s atmosphere.

3. Love Song for a Vampire from Bram Stoker’s Dracula


If you aim for a more mysterious and romantic theme for your wedding music; make no mistake in choosing “Love Song for a Vampire” by Annie Lennox. Both beautiful and enigmatic, the song captures what eternal love truly is. What better way to declare your undying love by dancing to the tune of a song from the definitive vampire story of all time.


2. Fade into You from Angus


This song, like all of the songs by Mazzy Star has that sense of somberness and tranquility they are known for. Chosen when you want to have a more serious moment with your better half during the dance, it’s an equally beautiful and sentimental count to the ambiance of the occasion.


1. One Moment More from The Notebook


One of the newer wedding songs of this generation, the song is about the culmination and experiences of a relationship and will be a perfect punctuation to a lover’s journey together right to this point in their wedding. While it may sound a little bit sad at first, you have to listen to the song as a whole to really appreciate its beauty and the true love it suggests.



7 Things to Consider When Hiring Your Own Wedding Musicians

So here we are, the best day of you and your other half’s lives. Everything is going so well with people congratulating you and wishing you the best, butterflies flutter around the garden and the sun slowly dipping in the horizon, then you hear it; the band you hired started playing, they’re a little out of sync and the singer misses some of the lyrics but you can let that pass. You’re now going to give a romantic heart warming speech so you signal the band to stop. But they didn’t see you and they continued playing, still out of sync, might I add. Now you see the importance of carefully selecting the right ensemble for this special occasion. This day should be perfect for you and go without a hitch. So here’s a little help for picking out the right musicians for you.

1. What type of atmosphere do you want?

First and foremost, what type of music do both you and your spouse want in your wedding day? Do you go for classical music? Maybe some smooth jazz? Whichever you choose it is important that you pick musicians specifically talented in that musical category. Want a classical theme? Then hire someone experienced in playing the piano, violin or harp. Hire a quartet if you want it to have that grandiose feel. It’s up to you if you want to hire a solo performer, pianist are the best for these, or hire a whole band.

2. Feel out process of talking to a representative of the band.

Is the representative you’re talking to courteous and polite? Or are they impassive and rather rude? You can always get a feel of the quality of service they can offer via their representative. The impression you have of their willingness to work with you is very important to consider. It’s basically the difference between a memorable occasion and an egregious one.

3. Always ask for a reference.

If possible, ask them for references with couples whose weddings they’ve performed in. Ask the couple of their experiences with working with the group and the quality of the performance they gave. Did the musicians added to the atmosphere? Taking the opinions of their previous clients can help assure you of their professionalism.

4. Ask for a sample.

You should definitely ask for a CD, tape or MP3 sample of their performance so that you would have an idea of the type of music they’ll perform. You can listen to it with your spouse and determine whether you like their style and the “vibe” of their music. Every wedding band should have a sample ready of their best work for your consideration. If they don’t have one at the ready, then you have a glimpse of their proficiency and you may have to consider looking elsewhere for a wedding musician.

5. Preview their performance.

Ask if they do live performance at a venue so that you can personally watch their performance live. How they interact with the crowd is also an important factor to consider as a band that can connect with their audience shows their enjoyment to what they do. As a little reminder, ask the schedule for the whole month but do not tell them when you will be coming to watch.

6. Multi-tasking is a plus.

Are you on a tight budget? Here’s another thing to acknowledge when hiring a wedding musician if you’re looking to save some money. Hire a musician that can multi-task, a musician that can play the guitar and sing is always a positive due to the fact that you could hire only him for the whole occasion. Also to add is that if he or she can play all the parts throughout of the ceremony. A pianist who can also sing would be the perfect fit for this type of ceremony.

7. Inquire. Inquire. Inquire.

Now this one is the most important in this process. Ask them of their policies on contracts, modes of payments and overtime fees. Check in how your agreement would pan out if ever they would need to replace a musician at the last minute due to personal issues or illness. If they do not appear professional at all when handling these questions, I suggest that you move on your list of candidates of musicians. If you have a concern, ask about it, you don’t need to have doubts when hiring a wedding musician. This is a special day for both of you and if you’re both not satisfied with the musician you plan to hire then move to the next one.