The Rendezvous String Quartet specializes in creating a flawless musical ambiance for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, lunches, parties and special promotions. Based in Johannesburg, the Rendezvous String Quartet has an amazingly versatile repertoire and extensive concert experience. Their professional approach to all events makes the celebration a guaranteed success.

From the moment you engage the service of the Rendezvous String Quartet, you will be integrated into preparation and receive professional and personalized attention relating to every aspect of the performance. The ensemble will ensure that their performance is everything you envisioned and that will enhance your special occasion, be it a wedding or any other function. These musicians whilst extremely professional, are also gracious and approachable to audiences and guests alike.

The Rendezvous String Quartet is available for weddings and other functions throughout South Africa. Although be sure to plan ahead to secure a booking as this ensemble is extremely popular and sort after.





Choosing The Right Wedding Music

Music has the ability to set the overall tone and mood of your wedding. In fact, music should be the very lifeblood of your wedding. The right music has the ability to not only enhance your wedding, but it can give that certain flavor to different facets of your procession, ceremony and recessional that will never be forgotten. However, many have a hard time choosing the right type of music for their wedding and find it a difficult task due to all of the choices.  In this article, we will go over a few tips on how you too can have the perfect music for your wedding

First, it is important to realize that there should be different music that is played at different times during your wedding. For example, music that is perfect for a reception may be very different than music that is played when your guests arrive. However, in light of this, your music will still need to keep the same central theme regardless of what type of music you choose. In fact, many people will hire a string quartet that will play during their ceremony and then choose a DJ or a live band at their reception.

The greatest benefit to choosing a string quartet is the fact that it provides a lot of versatility throughout your wedding. Almost any music can be adapted and used by a string quartet. One of the greatest advantages to a string quartet is a fact that it does not produce loud music. This is why many wedding ceremonies and receptions feature strings because it is the perfect backdrop music. A string quartet is also perfect for those who have an elegant theme to their wedding.

Also, having a violinist can add the perfect touch to almost any portion of your wedding. Although many violinists can translate more popular songs onto the violin, many of the songs that will be played at a wedding by a violin will be classical. Some of the more popular songs to use during a processional are "Canon in D", and any other songs that will have a slow, but steady pace to them. Another piece that is extremely popular is "The Wedding March", by Wagner, which is usually played at the entrance of the bride.

Other tips to choosing wedding music are to make sure that you have a 'play' and a 'do not play list', or you can simply lists genres of music that you prefer over others. However, regardless of what you decide, it is extremely important to have open communication with who is playing music which can prevent any musical mistakes during your wedding. If you have hired a DJ, then it is even more important to have genres and even artists that you prefer not to play. Again, as guests begin to request music, this will prevent music that is out of your theme of your wedding from being played. Remember, you want this experience to be as memorable as possible, and choosing the best musicians, and even the most talent violinist that you can find will have a great impact on the overall feel and mood of your wedding.



Wedding musicians bring colors to wedding parties

It is a clear fact that wedding parties and ceremonies are very important for all the people whether they belong to any religion, any country or any region. Trends of celebrating wedding occasions differ from one place to another and from one religion to another. Everyone in this world wants to make their and their family members wedding parties memorable forever. People gather in the wedding ceremonies to enjoy and to have best time. Wedding party without music and songs is like night without moon and stars. Music and songs boost up the moods and make environment very enthusiastic within seconds. Most of the people prefer wedding musicians to bring extra ordinary colors and to create splendid magic in the wedding parties. Nowadays everyone pay attention for wedding musicians in the same way as they pay attention to wedding decor and wedding dresses. Even Wedding DJ are welcomed and invited each and every wedding occasion.

Acoustic live music is favorite music of every music lover and it can also be listened during different wedding occasions. Wedding musicians especially play romantic live music for the couples to do couple dance on wedding occasions. Live bands also perform on their popular songs in the wedding ceremonies. Among all the musical instruments, Guitar and violin are mostly used by wedding musicians in the world wide. In the wedding ceremony of Christians, light and live music is preferred during the wedding day. In the Asian countries, wedding ceremonies lasts for 3 to 4 days and on each day wedding musicians and DJs are invited. Asian people mostly prefer fast music to perform dance and enjoy wedding functions to a great extent. Even a band of wedding musicians with various musical instruments is taken to bride’s house by the bride groom’s family.

It is one of the very best wedding ideas that wedding musicians should be welcomed to wedding venues. Having live music for wedding is a very good idea for wedding occasions. Wedding musicians play light and melodious music for the bride and bride groom to have couple dance. Now wedding musicians have become essential for wedding occasions and wedding parties. Wedding musicians wear a perfect uniform and behave very decently. Even some of the wedding musicians can play music for someone who wants to sing in the wedding party. A perfect music in the wedding parties can make them memorable forever. It can never be denied that people come to celebrate wedding parties by postponing their important and personal tasks so they should enjoy the wedding function. It is first and foremost duty of the family which is arranging wedding functions to invite reliable wedding musicians to the wedding venues. If anyone is arranging the perfect package for wedding parties then there should be very perfectionist wedding musicians. One should contact various wedding musicians and should invite them according to their budget. It is a very good practice to rely on wedding musicians instead of live bands because they have experience to make wedding occasions wonderful.


What you did not know about wedding musicians

If you are planning your own wedding then you most likely expect everything to be perfect. However, things don’t always go according to plan. One of the most important things at a wedding is the music. You simply have to get this one right if you are going to have an awesome and memorable reception. Even though some things may get out of hand, your guests will forgive just about anything as long as the wedding musicians get the wedding atmosphere right.

The problem with hiring wedding musicians is that you probably can’t afford to hire the best in town. However, even if the money isn’t a problem, how do you know who will perform the best at your wedding? The truth is that weddings these days can get pretty expensive and when it comes down to it, every penny matters. This is why you need to find the best wedding musicians that your money can buy. Below you can find some very important tips for hiring the right musicians for your wedding.

The first and most important thing that you will have to do is to establish what kind of budget you are working with. Once you know just how much you are willing to spend on music then finding the right people will be much easier. On the other hand, you will also be making sure that you won’t be spending more than you can afford.

The best place to start looking for wedding musicians is definitely online, especially if you have no idea what to look for. This is the age of the internet and anyone who is selling something is bound to have a website. If you are lucky you may even find musicians that have added video samples on their websites. This way you won’t even need to set up a meeting to hear them live; at least not for the initial selection process. You will also be able to find user reviews online. These reviews are from people who have already used the services of wedding musicians and now are sharing their thoughts about the people they have worked with. So if you manage to find any samples or user reviews then your work of finding the right people to sing at your wedding will be much easier.

Some musicians are specialized in only some genres. You may even find that you are not interested in a particular type of music so it would be wise to exclude that music genre from your search. When it comes to choosing what type of music should be played at your wedding, you need to take into consideration what your guests might like as well. Therefore you should think about the average age of the audience and choose the music accordingly.

Without a doubt one of the best ways to choose the right wedding musicians is by having someone referring them to you. If you remember having been to other weddings where you enjoyed the music then why not simply ask the people who planned that wedding for a reference? This way you don’t run the risk of hiring someone not fitted for the job since you already had the chance of listening to them live. However, even if you had not listened to the wedding musicians before, you should still ask your friends and relatives for references if you have no idea where to find people to sing at your wedding. Keep in mind though that not everyone has the same tastes in music as you do so make sure that you only ask people that you know and who enjoy listening to the same music as you do.

Another option would also be to ask a wedding planner to recommend wedding musicians for your reception. Although they may charge you for offering their support, you should get off pretty cheaply since they will only be putting you in contact with people they have worked before. On the other hand, you can be sure that the people that have been recommended to you will provide you with a top quality service. Just think about it: you have been planning your own wedding but a wedding planner has probably planned even thousands of weddings. You better be sure that they know what they are talking about. So even if you are on a budget, you can still have live music at you wedding. You may not afford hiring an entire band but you may very likely be able to hire a solo wedding musician.


Adding Music to Your Special Day

A most special day in life is the wedding ceremony; making it more attractive and populous is that much memorable for everyone. Without music a ceremony is just like a delicious item without salt. Music creates an attractive and exciting aspect to your wedding ceremony and reception. In addition, select the music and song which should be very unique and special of your own. You can follow some of the wedding ceremony music tips mentioned in this article.

Music should be different in your marriage ceremony and reception. Both are different scenes and platforms; where the atmosphere and tempo are different. So make planed about the two different unique players or groups for these; some groups also play both ritual and modern songs that can be helpful with a single booking. In ceremony, the music should be romantic, softer and lighter; whereas in reception the music may be played entertaining, jazzing and / or dancing types.

At the beginning, when all the guests arrive and waits for the arrival of bride and groom for a fifteen to thirty minute; instrumental can be played to make an atmosphere and set their moods until began. However, before everything arranged you must consult and take permission from your site manager or coordinator regarding your music selections. This is because; some worshiping places might have restrictions to play the music. So, better take permission to avoid any kind of disputes caused.

Nowadays most of the bands and groups know which music to be played during which segment. However, if you’ve selected any special music for you, let them know. The prelude, pre-processional, processional and the main ceremony music is very common that played either traditionally or modern, depending upon the person who booked. During ceremony you can put string quartet, harpist, violinist, classical guitar duos, and trumpeters like slow and smooth instrumental items.

In reception, you can entertain the people with a slow moody songs to rap and jazz or pop songs of recent albums. If you and your fiancé are both music lovers, you can make a special arrangement of DJs or special musical groups which can highlight your program and make others memorable for lifetime.

Pick music that both you and your fiancé actually like or the piece of music which you both heard recently in any event or program. It’s always an immense plan to make use of the songs types that will forever ring that magnificent sensation of your wedding ceremony day. In addition, make a perfection of ceremony music that modifies your fiancé to reflect your own likeness and personality being a couple on the stage. The most significant suggestion is to get pleasure from your selected music and make others enjoyable and unforgettable for all-time on the subject of adding music to your special day.


Hiring string quartet for weddings

A wedding is one of the most memorable occasions in anyone's life and when the day arrives, all you need is for the occasion to be exciting, pleasurable and the most memorable day for you and your family and pals. There is no better way to bring life and fun to your wedding reception than by introducing live music. Live wedding music presented by a violinist, trio, duo or a string quartet is the perfect way to introduce excitement to the reception plus the wedding. Live music can make any occasion lively and exciting; this is the key reason, why the use of live music is becoming popular in weddings.

Even though getting live music is common for any special occasion, the best string quartet can turn a regular wedding reception to an exciting and fun occasion. Hiring the right sting quartet helps determine if your wedding will be memorable or not, as getting the wrong string quartet can ruin the whole occasion. So before selecting the right quartet for the job there are many factors you need to consider as you will want your guests on there feet dancing with their partners.

Before hiring a sting quartet, you must first determine if you need them for the both the wedding and reception or just for the reception. The string quartet, duo, trio, a soloist or even a violinist can play beautiful soft music for your wedding. The string quartet will use his instruments including the cellos, violas plus violin to deliver the very best live classical and contemporary music. Having a beautiful classical selection playing in the background for the entire wedding is wonderful.

A wedding ceremony is normally attended by both the elderly and the young. Some of the people tend to be very picky in what they listen to, so you have to consider all your guests taste in music. For that day you have to get the very best string quartet, which can do different types of classical and contemporary for the crowd thus exciting even the picky guests. Without much consideration and research you might get stuck with a substandard music, which will have your guests and family seated the whole ceremony. High quality sting quartet will provide your party with various music style plus various classical from the old times and the present day.

The wedding ceremony itself is quite expensive so your budget matters a lot. You might want the very best string quartet in the world, who will deliver the very best, but they tend to be quite expensive. So to get the cheaper deal it is advisable that you approach the musicians directly and listen to their music then try to negotiate with them. Make sure you visit different musicians before deciding who you will hire for the job. You can also consider getting an experienced dancing band to entice your guests to dance which creates a perfect combination with the musician. They will light up the mood in the wedding and make people join the dance floor. Approaching the musicians directly will ensure that your wedding will be fun and exciting at a relatively affordable cost.


Best Music for Your Special Event

Increasing the elegance and the sophistication of any event is possible through the selection of the right music ensemble. A string quartet is the perfect selection for a wedding, an anniversary or any other important reception. If you are organizing a very special event, you are probably wondering about the musicians and the creation of the right party atmosphere. Here is why you should consider a string ensemble.

A quartet is just the right size. These musicians will be capable of entertaining a few to a hundred guests. In addition, they can give you just what you want. A string quartet consists of people playing a viola, a cello and two violins.The medley of string instruments can create the right mood. It can be sophisticated and classy, it can be joyful. The string quartet sounds rich and exciting, whether the party takes place outdoor, at a small venue or in a large hall.One interesting fact that deserves a special mention is the extensive repertoire of the string ensemble. No other musical group can compare in terms of diversity and the capability to play music in different genres.A string quartet is all about diversity and flexibility. The large repertoire combines with the ability of the quartet to regroup and to perform as a duo or even a trio. All of these characteristics make string music the most preferred option for all kinds of celebrations. You have probably seen a lot of romantic movies that feature string quartets playing during wedding ceremonies. This movie representation is very realistic precisely because of the advantages connected to hiring a string ensemble for a special occasion. When planning a party or a special celebration, you will have to decide on the theme, the atmosphere and the musical background. A string quartet is the perfect choice for birthday parties, weddings, corporate galas and intimate family gatherings.The music will be creating special atmosphere without being obtrusive. It allows people to have conversations without shouting. In addition, it brings an elegant sentiment to every event. Hiring a string ensemble is far from a complicated task. Websites and yellow pages are full of information about good musicians that will make your party extra-special. Bulletin boards at churches and music stores can also provide information about string ensembles for hire. For best results, talk to a friend that recently organized a major celebration. First hand experiences are always the best way to make sure your party will be impeccable. Your Special Event and the Perfect Ambiance Naturally, you want to make your party exceptional. To do it, choose the right string quartet and work together on the repertoire for the night. The music needs to correspond to the type of celebration, the theme and the preferences of the guests of honor. Professional musicians will be flexible enough to accommodate all your special needs. The string ensemble may be capable of working with another musician, if you want more diversity. A string quartet requires no power supply. You will have sufficient space, even if you organize the party at a relatively small venue. This is the most practical, elegant and aesthetically pleasing music option for any celebration. When planning the party, discuss the music that holds some emotional significance to you. Professional musicians will be capable of reworking pieces to achieve the right tempo and the right mood. Music is very important for a great party. Take your time to choose the right string quartet and to work on a good music selection for the celebration. This option is perfect for any occasion and you should certainly give it a try.